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The Extraordinary Ordinary Event

The Extraordinary Event can be taken on tour to your workplace and we bring everything that is needed to set up this event at a venue of your choice.

Alternatively, individuals can book a place at the next EO event hosted at Light of Mind HQ in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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The truth is we are each the main character in our own life story. No matter who or what else we care about in our life, a healthy relationship with ourselves will be the making or breaking of our relationship with everything and everyone else.

There is one key that unlocks the door to success, happiness, productivity, resilience, effective communication and improved levels of health and wellbeing. The key is connection with our true nature, with our deeper than conflict self. When we realise the innate health and wisdom that lies within us all, we move away from inhabiting unhelpful and unhealthy identities and we show up, more and more as the wonder-filled hero of our own story.

In this creative interactive workshop we move away from use of intellectual, cognitive, thought processes and towards the language of our wise intuitive self. The language of the social and emotional mind is imagery, art, symbol, music and metaphor. We create a safe space for participants to understand and explore the reasons why we so often show up as our own worst enemy instead of our own compassionate best friend. Together we will get really clear on why life, work and relationships so often feel anything but simple.

Many wellbeing events offer steps and techniques to equip delegates with tools to help increase wellbeing and resilience. This event points you in the opposite direction. You will be guided, instead, directly to the infinite universal source of all wellbeing. You will leave this event feeling clearer than ever before about what to ‘do’ when life gets tough and challenging. Life doesn’t have to be ‘going well and smoothly’ for you to enjoy it – if that doesn’t make sense to you now it will.

This event is at once enchanting, enlightening, mind blowing and engaging. The time will melt and you will leave feeling more alive and excited about life than you have before.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts

William Shakespeare

What to expect

The extraordinarily ordinary is interactive and experiential. Think music, images, play and exercises – this is anything but death by power point! You will become clear on the roles you play in your own life story and this clarity allows you to see and change the parts you are playing in other stories you are involved in. Such as the story of your business, team, family, friendships and community.

Act one: Get curious and create a vision

At the start of our shared story we meet the main character - you! We get curious about the stories that matter most to you. Here you decide what you want the story of your life/business/family to be and we work out why you might not yet have achieved your vision.

Act two: Plan a route and explore identity

In Act Two we work out how you can find what you seek. We explore the various roles that you play in your life. We work out why you continue to play roles that no longer serve you in stories that you no longer want to be a part of.

Act three: Realisation

In the final act you will come face to face with the hero of your story. You will work out how your internal sat nav is always guiding you. When you meet the part of you that is wise, kind and undamaged, you will realise the peace and wellbeing that you have been seeking. You will feel like you are coming home.

Get in touch to find more about how to engage with this innovative and unique wellbeing workshop – this could be the solution to your next staff team building day!

We are so very glad that you are interested in booking a well-being event for your team! If you could give the following questions some thought that would be so helpful. Once we have received, we will be in touch!

Mary is a truly gifted and insightful coach, an inspiring and creative facilitator, and a loving force of nature. She has the knack of getting right to the heart of what’s stopping people being all that they can be, and then pointing people to the path that leads to wholeness, health and freedom. I would have no hesitation recommending her wholeheartedly.

Kimberley Hare, author of “The Heart of Thriving”, and creator of the Heart of Thriving workshop.

Following an inspiring two day workshop with our managerial team, we asked Mary to lead a half-day well-being session at our Spring Staff Training Day. All of the 92 staff present found the session incredibly eye-opening and many continually report the effect it has had both on their personal and professional life.

Annie Murphy, Managing Director - Portland Nurseries

I thought Mary had a unique and refreshing style when tackling the subject of well-being and mental health - perfect for our staff and students. The training was so good that I found myself putting it into practice personally straightaway. I even shared it with my family.

New College - Pontefract

This was a very relevant course - run it again! I realised the power is within me - and that it is my choice to enable the thoughts.

NHS Psychiatrist - Speciality Associate Doctor Training Event

I loved the energy that Mary brought to the training and the creativity. Her motivation was really inspiring- the therapy combined with the creativity was like living the dream for me!

Virtual event delegate

Meet Mary

Light of Mind founder, Mary, lights up the rooms she enters with a burst of creative ideas, oceans of hope and intuitive wisdom. She birthed Light of Mind because of her vision for a world where people respond to themselves and one another with loving compassionate understanding, connecting with the creative solutions that are available to us all. She believes that deeply seeing where the experience of life is coming from is the key to freedom, peace and clarity.

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