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Therapy and wellbeing for individuals

Individual programmes of therapy allow you to engage in an intervention that is person- centred and devised with just you in mind.

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Working with Light of Mind 1:1 will allow you to focus entirely on understanding your story and transforming your life. Light of Mind offers therapy to children and adults alike.

We offer three pathways of support to individuals to suit a range of needs. You can choose the level of intensity of your Light of Mind intervention that feels right for you. You can 'walk down' one pathway, or a few at a time. You decide.

The Description pathway: Webinars, social media, blogs and more! We are constantly creating and recreating ways to share our message with you. Join one of our group webinars to hear team members describe the Light of Mind approach to well-being. Check out our Instagram page for more details of the next webinar!

The Discover pathway: In this pathway there is opportunity to put into practice what you are discovering. Join one of our group programmes to join a small group of people on a discovery journey. We will make use of the Light of Mind framework to help you feel clearer on your experience and a way forward for you.

The Deepen pathway: sign up to one of our individual programmes below to take a deep dive into your individual experience of the light of your mind, invest in 1:1 time with one of our practitioners and let us shine a light on your wellbeing.

Listed below are some examples of therapy programmes for individuals. We offer 1:1 and group programmes, so choose the one that feels right for you at this time.

The Illuminate Programme

Are you struggling with feeling overwhelmed, anxious or low in mood but you’re not sure why? Perhaps you feel like you should feel ‘better’ but you can’t seem to shift your current state of mind. If you are experiencing a particular situation that has shocked, scared and confused you and you want some help to process it. Click to find out more about the Illuminate programme.

Season Shift

A transformative experience over a 3 month period. These programmes are for anyone wishing to experience a transformative experience over a season of their life. As the season shifts so too will your understanding and clarity. Click to find out more.


If you want to experience lasting change quickly then this programme is for you! Perhaps you have a host of struggles that are weighing you down and you want clarity, insight and resolution without committing to a longer term programme.


Here at Light of Mind we encourage our clients to invest in one of our therapy programmes, because we know that change takes place over time and insight often happens outside the therapy session. The programmes offer that between-session support that is so often helpful - but, of course, they are not right for everyone. The spotlight option is our more traditional session by session, pay as you go option! Click to find out more.

Headlamp Group Programme

Sometimes our internal experience can feel like we are fumbling around in the darkness and that there is no light in sight. Does this sound familiar?

Perhaps your experience is that you feel;

  • Lost & alone
  • Scared or anxious
  • Overwhelmed or stuck
  • Low in mood or confused

Perhaps these feelings are resulting in you reaching out to coping strategies that leave you feeling short term relief but longer-term distress and frustration?

If you resonate with any of the above then the Headlamp Programme could be helpful, comforting and super hopeful for you.

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Mary is an incredibly talented, passionate therapist and trainer with a huge range of experience to draw upon in her work. She deeply sees the health in her clients, and they benefit enormously as a result. I highly recommend working with Mary!

Amy Johnson, Ph.D. author of The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit and Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with Your Mind

I worked closely with Mary at the CONNECT Adult Eating Disorders service for 8 years and during this time Mary was an essential member of the clinical, research and senior management teams in her role as a drama therapist, FREED champion and social media lead. She always received extremely positive feedback from service users, family and carers and colleagues and her ability to utilise her creativity, compassion, strong work ethic and wealth of clinical experience was always appreciated by all of those who had the privelage of working with her. There are many examples of Mary’s amazing work that I could share but one that comes to mind was her role in developing and delivering a new early intervention (FREED) pathway within the CONNECT service which following an initial pilot scheme was then upscaled to cover the entire adult population of West Yorkshire and led to numerous paper publications in peer-reviewed journals. Mary’s greatest strength however is her ability to connect with people and to help people find their own inner strength and well-being through the lens of her own own light and understanding.

Doctor Rhys Jones, Consultant Psychiatrist

Mary is a delight! She enables people to come into relationship with their creative and deeper than conflict self

Mary Smail - psychotherapist and director and course leader of Seseme institute

I suffered for years with debilitating anxiety and depression. Working with Mary has given me a completely different outlook on my life, within hours of working with Mary I understood I have always had the capacity to be happy

Light of Mind personal therapy client

Mary worked with my 7 year old daughter who was petrified of going out after witnessing a dog attack. Mary literally spent 30 minutes with my daughter and to my amazement my daughter was calm and happy to be in the presence of dogs again! I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a phobia or fear

Light of mind client

Meet Mary

Light of Mind founder, Mary, lights up the rooms she enters with a burst of creative ideas, oceans of hope and intuitive wisdom. She birthed Light of Mind because of her vision for a world where people respond to themselves and one another with loving compassionate understanding, connecting with the creative solutions that are available to us all. She believes that deeply seeing where the experience of life is coming from is the key to freedom, peace and clarity.

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