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The Illuminate Programme

This programme will feel like turning the light on internally so that you can see what has been tripping you up and preventing you from moving forwards into the life experience you desire and deserve.

Using the Light of Mind fireside formulation model we will work to get very clear on why you are experiencing problems and what you can do to move forward with freedom.

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This programme is for anyone who wants to do some work in a short space of time and experience lasting clarity.

The Illuminate Programme includes:

  • A set of thought provoking questions to reflect on before your first session

  • 3 individual sessions over a 6 week period

  • Use of the fireside formulation model to provide you with absolute clarity on the experiences you have been having

  • Resources between sessions to develop understanding

  • Between session tasks

Contact us and tell us more about you and your needs. Then let have a chat shall we?

We are so very glad that your curiosity and desire for change has lead you to this page. Welcome. If you could give the following questions some thought that would be so helpful. Once we have received this, we will be in touch.

Mary literally spent 30 minutes speaking with my daughter. To my amazment, after the session, my daughter was calm and happy to be in the presence of a dog with no signs of upset. She was like a new child.

Parent of Light of Mind child client

Meet Mary

Light of Mind founder, Mary, lights up the rooms she enters with a burst of creative ideas, oceans of hope and intuitive wisdom. She birthed Light of Mind because of her vision for a world where people respond to themselves and one another with loving compassionate understanding, connecting with the creative solutions that are available to us all. She believes that deeply seeing where the experience of life is coming from is the key to freedom, peace and clarity.

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