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The birth of Light of Mind

I have always had three main passions.

Humans, the arts and the universe!

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and interested in my fellow human beings – I sit in cafes and wonder - what is his story? What are her dreams, what do they believe?

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and interested in my fellow human beings – I sit in cafes and wonder - what is his story? What are her dreams, what do they believe?

I have forever been able to lose myself and all sense of time when bathing in the creativity of the arts. My wild and vivid imagination has always meant I get sucked into stories, dreams and play and forget what I was meant to be doing In the first place!

I have also been jaw-droppingly, head-scratchingly curious about what we are all doing here, where our experience comes from and how we are connected

I grew up as the youngest of four children in Cambridge, UK. My father was an artist and evangelist, who together with my mother, raised us to explore the bigger questions in life and care deeply for other people.

My mother tells the story of me, age 7 on a train. She says I walked up and down the carriage asking, total strangers, what they believed in and how they knew they were right to believe what they did!! I remember that and know it was one of many occasions where my desire to connect lead me to be a little outspoken! I have always been full of questions.

My fascination, excitement and curiosity saw me take a BA in drama and a MA in drama and movement therapy as a masters. I remember time and again sitting in the various workshops and lectures and doodling question marks on my page. I was being offered numerous psychological and spiritual frameworks which always left me searching for more and more answers.

My first ever post-grad job was as a motivational speaker, then I worked in a prison with young offenders. all the time, searching, questioning, wondering and often times reaching a sense of frustration and overwhelm with all the possibilities and unanswered answered avenues in my mind.

Then one autumn, after the birth of our third child, a good friend of mine suggested I go on a three principles retreat. I was sceptical and curious all at once. I started reading and exploring this, ‘next’ framework’ ……

I can remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing and even the colour of the flowers that were in the room when I had my first crashing insight. On that retreat, during an exercise facilitated by the wonderful Kimberly Hare, I realised something profound and true

We are love

I just saw it, right there, in that moment. We are creative energy with infinite potential for multiple realities. We are creation. We are change. We are a bloody miracle!

What followed from that moment were months that have turned into years of deeper insights, realisations and moments of clarity. No longer was I searching for the answers outside of myself, I had been looking in the wrong direction all along and as I started to explore the very nature of consciousness, duality and the link between spirituality and psychology it started to make sense. and that’s how and why Light of Mind was born. Because I feel a calling, no let’s call it a yelling, to share what I see and acknowledge what I don’t yet see with my fellow humans.

I feel a yelling to create imaginative creative spaces where humans can play and through creating realise their own internal explorations about themselves and their connection to others and the planet

In brief, all my passions are rolled up into Light of Mind because I feel a yelling to share love and light.

It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like home.