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Supervision for Professionals

We offer creative, engaging clinical supervision to health and wellbeing professionals on an individual or group basis. If you or your team are looking for an inspiring, uplifting and safe supervision safe to energise you and help you stay true to your values.

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Overlooking your own physical and psychological needs leads to compassion fatigue and burn-out. Light of Mind recognises the need for professionals to protect time for their own self-care and professional development. The sessions are designed to put you at the top of your to do list and help you reconnect with the reason you are in the profession in the first place.

Work with Light of Mind to help you tap into your infinite resilience and develop an understanding and supportive relationship with the one person who is always there, who knows how you feel and totally understands your perspective – you!

Suitable for:

  • Counsellors
  • Nurses
  • Medics
  • Occupational therapists
  • Dieticians
  • Psychologist’s and psychological therapists
  • Creative arts therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Coaches
  • Social work professionals
  • Carers

Sessions can be in a group or 1:1. Our focus will be using creative therapies to help you reflect on your practice, gain new inspiring ideas for your work and explore the roles at play in your therapeutic relationships.

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We are so very glad that you are interested in clinical supervision with light of mind! If you could, please fill out the enquiry form and tell us a bit about yourself. Once we have received this from you we will be in touch!

Mary has been truly inspirational to me as a supervisor and shifted my whole perspective on how I might go about supporting people to change. She has helped me learn not through telling me or teaching me, or even showing me, but through her way of asking the most open of questions, questions that push me to look within myself and my own experiences to find the way forward. She is uniquely (as she would say we all can be) energising and inspiring, no mean feat when faced with the challenges of supervision in both the NHS and COVID.

Ophelia Beer - NHS Clinical Psychologist

The understanding Mary shares with us each week is more hopeful than any other techniques I have ever used!

NHS Nurse Supervisee

Each week in supervision Mary reminds us that the space between two humans In a session is more valuable than anything that is preplanned.

NHS Therapist Supervisee

Meet Mary

Light of Mind founder, Mary, lights up the rooms she enters with a burst of creative ideas, oceans of hope and intuitive wisdom. She birthed Light of Mind because of her vision for a world where people respond to themselves and one another with loving compassionate understanding, connecting with the creative solutions that are available to us all. She believes that deeply seeing where the experience of life is coming from is the key to freedom, peace and clarity.

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