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We offer therapy, coaching and mentoring for individuals, couples, families, and groups. All our interventions are person centred and adapted to the need of those in front of us.

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In the light of mind team we have practitioners of mind, body and spirit offering:

  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Dramatherapy
  • Mantra
  • CBT/CBT-E therapy
  • Guided self-help
  • Humanistic psychotherapy
  • Coaching
  • Movement sessions
  • TRE (trauma release exercises)
  • Dietetics

Hello, Mary here.

I wanted to write this section of the website as a letter to you, this is a little tricky because obviously I don’t know you personally but I do know that you have landed on this part of our website (thank you) and I am therefore going to assume that you are wondering if we can help you or someone you care about, and that you are, in some way, seeking or struggling.

Thank you for watching.

Here at Light of Mind we hold in mind the ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ causes of struggle and work to understand your suffering as a signpost that can guide us to our starting point for your healing experience. We believe that the feeling of safety, peace and freedom can be experienced when there is a deeper and broader understanding of the fact that you are a human who is part of a great many internal and external systems.

Our focus is to help you understand how neurodiversity, attachment issues, trauma or unmet need shapes a human’s experience and perhaps gets manifested in one of the following presentations:

  • Disordered eating
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Low mood/depression
  • Low confidence /self esteem
  • OCD
  • Eating disorders
  • Addictions
  • Social anxiety
  • Phobias
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Feeding differences
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Confusion/hopelessness
  • Identity issues
  • Chronic fatigue

The way it looks to us is that as human beings we have an ever-changing identity that is shaped uniquely for us by childhood experiences, family of origin, community, culture, and trauma. We see it that we also have an ever-present place within where we can experience peace, presence, wisdom and intuition - we call that the light of our minds.

Rather than seeing the above list as problems that need to be fixed we see them as manifestation of a broader misunderstandings. We work to help you flip your current understanding from seeing these (see above list ↑) as sure signals of ill health to seeing them as ripples from your innate health.

If this intrigues you and you want to hear more, please get in touch to book a discovery call with me and tell me a bit more about you so that I can suggest a bespoke Light of Mind programme and practitioner to meet your specific needs.

If not, I wish you well and thank you so much for reading and taking an interest in the work we are doing.

With all the love we all are,


Light of Mind Client Journey

New clients will complete these three steps to begin their Light of Mind journey.

Step 1: Discovery Call

In this 15-minute zoom session with founder Mary she will ask you some gentle questions about what you are seeking and/ or struggling with. She will ask you to explain what you have ‘tried so far’ what has worked or not worked and what you are hoping for from Light of Mind. Following the call she will send you recommendations and suggestions for your next steps.

Step 2: Trial Spotlight Session

In this 60-minute session, you will have the chance to test out a session with your practitioner to see if this therapeutic relationship feels right for you.

Step 3: Illuminate assessment Programme

This is a three- four session therapeutic assessment process and is the first intervention for all our individual clients. Our aim is to help you deeply understand the reason for your current experience and to complete and share our understanding with you towards the end of the assessment. You will meet with your practitioner for an hour each week for three weeks. By the end of illuminate you will feel clearer on the who, what, where, when, why of your current situation and will receive a comprehensive guide outlining our recommended next steps.

Following completion of Illuminate, clients will choose one of the following options, or end their therapeutic support.

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If you want to hear more, please get in touch to book a discovery call. Please tell me a bit more about you so that I can suggest a bespoke Light of Mind programme and practitioner to meet your specific needs.