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TV appearances

The first time I ever went on TV it was as Alice in Wonderland on the Really Wild show age 8! Do you remember that?! It was a special edition about the Dodo if I remember correctly!

Then in the years that followed there were various opportunities like singing on the national lottery with my choir and Neil Sedaka and playing a World War 2 secretary in a documentary whilst at drama school – I don’t tell you any of this in some weak attempt to impress you, just to share that I have always enjoyed performing! I used to busk with my piano accordion and sing with a ladies’ barbershop choir! (I was the coolest teenager!) This love for performing comes from a desire to entertain and engage humans. I think that’s my heart song. I also love to just have fun, play about, dress up, play different roles and experiment.

As my understanding about who and what we are deepens, I feel more and more drawn to share my human experience with honesty and vulnerability. I think the more of us that feel able to do that, the more likely it is that we will all feel less isolated, alone and scared. I’m on a bit of a mission to connect with humans and I loved this opportunity, again gifted to me whilst working for Connect, to share some really good news about FREED and recovery for all on the news. I am open to see what else unfolds and what other opportunities I have to engage and entertain with those people who are seeking a hopeful and uplifting experience.