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Every human being has wisdom and intuition running through their core. When life feels overwhelming and confusing we can feel lost and alone.

Working with Light of Mind will allow you to connect with the internal, ever present, intuitive guide that is your true nature.

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Light of Mind was established with one aim. To devise and deliver creative and accessible ways to point people to the trustworthy and ever present guiding light of their own Mind.

It’s your own help, understanding and compassion that you seek.

When we feel lost, confused or overwhelmed we often look outside of ourselves for ways to cope and for people who can tell us what to do. Often times this process leaves us feeling worse. There are so very many different psychological and spiritual pathways in the world and we see that they are all pointing us, in various ways, to one thing - the wisdom within.

There is a set of psychological truths that not only explain our human experience but uncover our psychological immune system. Once you see these principles in action you can’t ‘un-see’ their truth! It’s such a beautiful and reassuring experience that continually develops and deepens. This is not about having faith or believing in anything, this is about looking, with fresh eyes, at what is all already there. This is about connecting to the best friend and guide you will ever have – yourself.

Meet Mary

Light of Mind founder, Mary, lights up the rooms she enters with a burst of creative ideas, oceans of hope and intuitive wisdom. She birthed Light of Mind because of her vision for a world where people respond to themselves and one another with loving compassionate understanding, connecting with the creative solutions that are available to us all. She believes that deeply seeing where the experience of life is coming from is the key to freedom, peace and clarity.

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