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The Full of Beans Podcast

The Full of Beans podcast, hosted by Han (your favourite crazy bean) is on a mission to reduce eating disorder stigma and increase ED awareness.

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Mantality Podcast

In this episode Mantality, Stevie and Mary discuss brain patterns, resilience, spirituality, trauma, how to navigate your internal world, society and…

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Building an evidence base for Innate health

I am thrilled to share the results of a research project I was part of in my NHS role. Our innate health pilot study has been accepted for…

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The birth of Light of Mind

I have always had three main passions. Humans, the arts and the universe! For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and interested in my…

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TV appearances

The first time I ever went on TV it was as Alice in Wonderland on the Really Wild show age 8! Do you remember that?! It was a special edition about…

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River ritual

We humans have always engaged in rituals together! Think of the rituals you have around Birthdays, christening, weddings and don’t even get me…

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Mental health training in education.

Over the past 2 years, I have offered training events to various primary and secondary schools and further education colleges across Yorkshire – the…

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Start talking to the healthy self - Wednesday child podcast

I was thrilled to be asked to speak on the Wednesday Child podcast. Wednesday child is a social enterprise business determined to make a difference…

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Open access pathway at CONNECT

At the start of the pandemic, I was still an employee of the wonderful Connect eating disorder service for Yorkshire and Harrogate. Together as a…

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Latest from Instagram

Did you know that our base for face to face group and individual sessions is , Victoria road, Elland, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX5 0AB. We have three spaces available for our sessions and there is a warm and welcoming…

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The Light of Mind message 💌 Everything we do at Light of Mind is underpinned by one message: At the very core of every human being is innate health and well-being. There is a light within us that may have been covered up, feel a million miles…

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A little mid afternoon musing from Mary about mindsets 💗 ( literally recorded this 4 times to try to get it ‘short enough ‘ 😂🫣😅)

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Thank you for sharing your feedback about what the day was like for your team. We loved facilitating this for you 🔥

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Do you or anyone else you know find social media damaging to your sense of wellbeing? Do you find yourself seeking likes and reassurance? Do you seek validation , permission and approval on line? Fancy coming together with others to explore the…

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It’s oh so easy to experience life as boring and mundane. Today is it possible to get curious about your relationship with your inner child who was once, perhaps very very long ago, in awe of the world in which we live ?

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Hi, Mary here. I just wanted to jump on a give a shout of to @jessthegryffindor for all the work she is doing in her role as co- lead of @freedfromed - which is a national initiative for NHS services promoting early intervention in eating…

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At light of Mind we see the importance of all humans having time to breathe. We all , no matter our progression, role, background, culture, belief system, history , gender - need time to come into a deeper relationship with our selves. We all need…

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What did you learn about who you could / should be? How much of your life is still ruled by these teachings? What would it take for you to become aware of these and decide if you actually agree with them anymore ? Friday musings from Mary 🫶

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If well-being is something we experience when we: 🌅connect to the present moment 🌅accept understand and express our feelings 🌅listen in for the deeper than conflict self within then how often do you carve out time each day to be in relationship…

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A little bit of exploration about the inside out nature of the human experience. #insideout #individualreality #whatisreality

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Welcome welcome to our new followers ! If you are a new member of our on line community we wanted to say hello! Thank you and a heart felt welcome 💗 We thought it might be helpful for us to do some posts about what we do and how we work for those…

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