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Open access pathway at CONNECT

At the start of the pandemic, I was still an employee of the wonderful Connect eating disorder service for Yorkshire and Harrogate. Together as a team, we were super keen to reach as many people as possible who were isolated by not only their ED but also the pandemic.

We, as a team, knew that the imposed restrictions around self-isolation and social distancing would likely exasperate the distress so many of our patients were already feeling. We knew we had to live up to our name and Connect!

Over the past two years, the Connect Instagram work has reached over 40,000 followers and has received nominations for regional and national awards. I am so thrilled to be able to remain part of this innovative, creative and engaging forum as I now work in collaboration with the Connect team to deliver the open access pathway. As part of this open access pathway, I also co-facilitate a support group that is held weekly by the service. This is for anyone suffering with their relationship with food and their bodies.

The group aims to offer motivation, psychoeducation and share hope for recovery. I am so thrilled to remain part of the team that offers this supportive space because there is nothing I love more than to reach out and share the message of recovery and freedom with other humans.

If you think this might be of use to you or a loved one then all you need to do to register is email the Connect team @

You can also find them on Instagram: @connectlypft