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Embodied care

CHANGE is an interactive, team building experiential training event. It is designed for teams who want to explore innovative ways to engage their patients whilst working in a trauma informed way. It is for all members of the MDT working across sectors with a range of mental health and social care presentations and diagnoses.

Is this training right for your team?

This 2-day experiential training event is for health and social care staff who want to feel more confident and skilled in their ability to bring a holistic, creative, trauma Informed, embodied approach to their practice.

It is suitable for all members of the MDT working across sectors with a range of mental health and social care presentations and diagnoses.

Would your team benefit from:

  • A tool kit of inspiring ideas to enhance motivation to change and engagement with patients/clients
  • Ways to understand and heal burnout, stress and overwhelm
  • An accessible framework to understand how the human nervous system responds to trauma and threat and keeps us stuck in defence responses.
  • Team building and connection exercises.

Yes? – read on!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn a different way of thinking which will hopefully help our patients to engage more fully

Previous delegate


Further details

This event is facilitated by Light Of Mind Practitioners, Mary and Jess. Together they interweave their collective experience in dietetics, psychological therapies and soul perspectives, to shine a light on the connection between mind, body and soul. This interactive event will empower and inspire delegates to connect to their own creativity and deepen their relationship with their individual health and wellbeing.

The aim is to help delegates to have a transformative experience that will influence their professional and personal lives.

Mary and Jess understand that health and social care staff cannot pour from an empty cup and that burn out, compassion fatigue and exhaustion interrupt a helper’s wellbeing and ability to make positive impact. The flourishing health and wellbeing of the individuals in a health and wellbeing team, is crucial to the outcomes and effectiveness of the work they show up to do day after day.

When health care staff feel connected to:

  • Their internal sense of embodied safety
  • Their soul purpose
  • Their unique gifts and authenticity
  • An endless source of inspiring ideas and creative solutions

They show up to work with; resilience, an ability to innovate and create, resourcefulness, compassion and a sense of meaningful contributing which translates to intrinsic motivation.

Thank you for an amazing 2 days where training was not based on a manual or "how to" - but self discovery.

Previous delegate


Breakdown of the event

Day one:

The event is jam packed with exercises to explore, understand and experience what is truly meant by

  • holistic
  • creative
  • embodied practice.

Staff learn through play, relaxation and meditation using their own bodies and imaginations as their materials.

The day is punctuated with several 'reflection points' to allow staff to process the learning and connect with their individual and group insights.

  • The final exercise of the day invites delegates into a game. The aim of the game? To uncover the real reason clients don’t CHANGE and how we can help them to shift to a place where CHANGE and transformation are realised.

Day two:

Staff are invited in to 2 deep dive workshops.

  • AM: Nervous system and threat responses.
    Delegates will leave feeling clearer on the ways the body communicates its needs through sensation and ways that clinicians can help patients to tolerate distress and utilise resources, to move closer to embodied safety and connection.
  • PM: Connecting to the self and others through creativity and play.
    Delegates will leave with a clear framework for thinking about, pointing to and working with the client’s healthy identity of recovery as well as making sense of the stuck and scared parts of identity that brought them into services.

The event closes with an exercise that allows the whole team to celebrate the strengths of the individuals that create the team and a chance to reflect on how the collective learning and insights will inform practice moving forwards.

Mary and Jess were so amazing they made the atmosphere warm which made me feel vulnerable to open up to my colleagues and get to know others. I left the training feeling connected with others and encouraged in my job role to improve in so many ways. best 2 days training. Thank you.

Previous delegate


Follow up options: CHANGE reflective practice spaces

"Change Is Inevitable, growth Is optional"

We know that 'staying in the conversation' is the best way to sustain change and allow for transformation within teams. We offer options for ongoing support for teams.

  • Monthly spaces to reflect on CHANGE as a team and receive CHANGE coaching from Jess or Mary. Sessions are online and last for 75 minutes for up to 10 members of the MDT. Each session will be tailored to those attending and will provide a space for staff to learn ways to apply the principles of CHANGE to their clinical work

Sessions can be fortnightly or monthly.

Get in touch to find out more about CHANGE!

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