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Jessica Crawley

Light of Mind Practitioner

About Light of Mind

Light of Mind practitioner Jess has a contagious laugh and beautiful energy about her. Her enthusiasm and passion for life and her work are a joy to behold, she inspires hope in those she meets! She oozes love and compassion. Her focus is to help clients find harmony between their minds and bodies and her thirst for knowledge and curiosity for learning has driven her to study a variety of approaches to wellbeing in order to keep uncovering and discovering ways to help her fellow humans! Jess graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and dietetics, following her BSc Honours degree in Pharmacology and Physiology.

She is a:

  • HCPC registered dietitian
  • Certified iheart facilitator
  • Innate health and wellbeing coach

Jess came to share her Light within the Light of Mind team in 2022. She skilfully and gently leads clients on a journey of exploration and discovery, helping them uncover and learn from the wisdom of nature and the human body. She has the deepest respect for ancient and Indigenous teachings and loves to explore how modern science and innate wisdom collide. She believes that every human being holds the answers they seek, if only asked the right questions.

Jess is

  • An intuitive eating, nervous system informed, weight inclusive practitioner
  • A passionate cook
  • A visiting University Lecturer
  • A clinical supervisor in eating disorders

Jess and Mary met whilst when working together in NHS Specialist mental health services – at the CONNECT service in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They can recall many evenings over the years where they stayed up late locked into conversations, fascinated by one another’s latest discovery, research or learning! It is not unusual for Mary and Jess to call each other at various times of the day and evening with a theory to unpick together or a perspective that needs challenging. Mary invited Jess to shine her unique and much needed light within the Light of the Mind team because her approach to nutrition and dietetics is something that people regularly say they find exceptionally healing and hopeful. Jess’s thirst for knowledge, learning and research makes her an inspiring practitioner who is one step ahead of her game. She sparks interest and intrigue wherever she goes and Mary is thrilled to be able to welcome Jess into the various interventions and programmes that Light of Mind offer.

Jess’s experiences span a wide array of settings, meeting human beings from many walks of life along the way. This includes acute and mental health services in the NHS, schools, Universities and the voluntary sector.

Jess is SO thrilled to be joining the team at Light of Mind promoting a paradigm shift in the way that we understand mental health – where it is found, who can experience it and what covers it up! She understands the importance of learning and unlearning and is constantly being open to what she does and doesn’t yet know. Her true passion in life is deepening her understanding of what it means to be human, prioritising the forging of deep connections with those who she meets along the way.

Jess married her childhood sweetheart, is the proud mother of 2 beautiful children and lives in West Yorkshire alongside the family dog Floyd and tortoise, Poddy.



Jess is regularly invited to provide local and national training for nutrition professionals including:





Dietetics Digest

Jess remains passionate about her profession in dietetics and has appeared on the podcast “Dietetics Digest”. In this conversations Jess explains her belief that when we understand our true nature, we know how to nourish ourselves, sharing the ways she helps humans reconnect with their birth-right to be the expert on their own bodies.

Listen now


Jess was amazing from start to finish she supported me and guided me to listen to myself to listen to my own inner guide and trust in myself again. She helped me connect to my well-being and to listen to it and what I need. What I explored with Jess and the way she works complimented my therapy and helped give me a new perspective it was life changing enabling me to continue with my recovery.

1:1 Client

In awe of Jess and her knowledge set. Very high quality, practical suggestions. Very thought provoking. An excellent presentation

British Dietetic Association Webinar delegate

I couldn't have asked for anyone better to help support me. Jess really helped me to start to see the world and how we as humans behave in a different way and made me get curious about everything.

1:1 Client

Jess was always so attentive, engaging and caring. Sessions with Jess were the most impactful sessions I had on my recovery journey and I always really looked forward to them!

Client: group intervention

Jess was an excellent speaker. This was the best and most engaging webinar I have attended!

Training event delegate

Knowledge and experience shone through, engaging and thought-provoking style of delivery.

Training event delegate

Very good - very passionate, energetic, positive and knowledgeable. Covered a lot of areas/ issues ranging from adults, younger people, different experiences in a non-judgemental way.

Training event delegate

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