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Natalie Alleston

Light of Mind Practitioner

About Light of Mind

Natalie is an embodied emotional coach and former professional dancer.

As a Light of Mind practitioner, she fuses embodied psychological practices to coach individuals to reconnect deeply with who they are, build relationships with their bodies and reframe their life experience so they can embrace their authentic self.

Natalie works with adults 1:1, organisations and has a speciality of working with young people.


Natalie uses a range of body-based, nervous system guided techniques as well as emotional coaching models to support Adults who are struggling with; burnout, emotional disconnection, anxiety, anger, low mood, trauma, and poor self-image. Natalie’s work focuses on building people’s relationship with their body (and nervous system) so that they can better understand themselves and make meaningful change to their life. Through working with Natalie you will explore what makes YOU feel safe so that you can be curious, confront and let go of the painful parts inside of you and start to embody a fuller more empowered version of yourself.

Young people

Natalie has extensive experience of working with young people in a range of settings such as in a safeguarding role in education, teaching and as a well-being practitioner. Her playful nature allows her to connect with young people and use a range of resources to help them deepen their emotional understanding. Natalie can support young people to understand and communicate how they are feeling and work alongside their family to create a clearer path forward. Natalie is able to support young people who are struggling with anger outbursts, low mood, anxiety, building healthy relationships, self-image, stress regulation, confidence, phobias, IBS, and many more.


As a former professional contemporary dancer who is still highly involved in the creative industry, Natalie merges her skills to provide organisations with creative-focused well-being support. Natalie specialises in being a well-being lead for creatives during the creative and performance process. If you would like Natalie to support your creatives using the Light of Mind approach to well-being, please reach out and we can design the provision needed for your project. This type of support can be included within funding bids to work towards inclusive and safe practice.

Creativity is at the heart of who Natalie is, she oozes empathy, curiosity, and patience. See the video below to see her performing with Phoenix Dance Theatre in a collaboration with Opera North.

As a Light of Mind practitioner Natalie offers creative, holistic, and sustainable approaches to mental health her sessions are a blend of Dance, yoga, meditation.

Nervous system-guided coaching

Emotional coaching


TRE practice



Natalie is a:

  • Graduate psychologist with the British Psychological Society
  • Professional dance artist with a decade's worth of performing experience
  • Mentor/psychological coach (young people age 13-30) in professional training programmes and for individuals striving in high-performing careers
  • Development Lead for Mantality, a counselling and coaching service revolutionizing how men approach their mental health
  • Dance and movement teacher at leading institutions, such as Northern Ballet and Phoenix Dance Theatre.
  • Art practitioner using movement and dance to improve peoples ability to connect to their wellbeing


I owe a lot to Natalie in both my work and personal life. The confidence and ownership I have in my own skills and abilities as a person and as a dancer, can be largely contributed to her work as a mentor whilst at Phoenix Dance Theatre. The support she provided allowed me to feel safe in this new work environment and provided the space for me to question, develop and be curious. The level of respect I was given by Natalie, made my experience far more enjoyable and I felt I was able to work to my full potential.

Dance/Circus Artist (22 years old)

I am extremely grateful to have had Natalie as a mentor over the past few years, with her nurturing and supportive nature she has offered new perspectives and insights into my approach to life. Through her guidance, I have been able to grow in unimaginable ways that have helped me progress in my career, relationships and ongoing journey of self discovery. Natalie’s passion to help and support those around her cultivates an environment where you feel safe to share and explore new ideas to bring about your best self.

Female professional dance teacher, choreographer and performer